BBP Back To Jersey!

We’re bringing a little slice of Brooklyn into New Jersey tomorrow night and dropping it (cause it’s hot) right on the stage of SuzyQues.

If you can make it to West Orange, NJ, you won’t be disappointed.  Not only is Marlon back in action on lead guitar (playing some hot licks despite still having a couple fingers bandaged up), but SuzyQues is a bona fide BBQ joint!

Saucy blues, saucy ribs.  See you there!


P.S.  We’ll also be announcing something a little out of the ordinary and a lot awesome in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to BBP Back To Jersey!

  1. elena says:

    I was there Sat nite when you guys played. It was awesome! My man and I really enjoyed it. This is what live music is supposed to sound like! Now, where can we get some cds?

    • The BBP says:

      Thanks, Elena! We’re actually trying to get funds together to make our first recording. If you’re interested, you can contribute and help make it happen. Just go here: BBP on IndieGogo. Glad we brightened your night! And thanks for the support!

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