What A Memory For Memorial Day

5 Boro PicNYC was amazing.  Great food.  Great beer.  We had the honor of playing on the same stage as Kirsten Thien and The Suit, Tyree and Thurrsty.

We also had the honor of playing for a sold-out, 1,500 person crowd.

So we’d like to thank Steve (of High River Sauces) and Jimmy (of Jimmy’s No. 43) for a wonderful day, and for introducing us to Governor’s Island in such grand style!  A good time was had by all.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Food, Fun, And Sun With The BBP At PicNYC!

This Sunday, the 27th, the BBP is headlining the 5 Boro PicNYC Festival on Governor’s Island.  There will be amazing food from local vendors (the gentlemen who runs the festival is a hot sauce connoisseur, so that should attest to how awesome this thing is gonna be) and plenty of tasty beverages.  If you’re interested in making yourself hungry, go check out their list of contributors.  For real.

Better still, if you go here and type in the code HotBlue you can get general admission tickets at $5 off.

It’s gonna be a killer way to chill out this Memorial Day.  Get there early, eat great food until you need to loosen the ol’ belt, then let us cap it all off with some red hot blues!

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IndieGogo Over The Edge

Banking on funds already donated to our IndieGogo campaign, we have recorded the bass and drums sections for our upcoming album!  We need more studio time though, so help push us over the edge and into our next recording session!  Donate here!


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Bohemian Beer Garden Of Eden

We of the BBP would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria for hosting us this past Sunday.  We played three killer sets, had a saxophonist friend of Holly’s–and now the band’s–sit in for some tunes and trade licks with Marlon (you rocked it, Tim!), drained a few pitchers of excellent beer, and even managed to pack in some burgers and fries at the end of it all.  Oh, and there were a couple hundred people there to enjoy it with us.

We can’t wait to do it all again very soon!

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Picnic With The BBP At PicNYC

The BBP has confirmed that we will be part of the awesome Memorial Day weekend festival happening on Governor’s Island on Sunday, May 27th–5 Boro PicNYC!

Join us and up to 3,000 other music and food lovers for some blues, some serious craft beers, some como serio tacos, and other goodies, all in the warm NY sun and all just a ferry ride away.

Show starts at 2:30p!  Exact address in our Upcoming Shows tab up top!

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Radio Gaga

The “Neir’s Music Spotlight” show on Gotham Radio featuring the BBP–in all our chatty Cathy goodness–went live this past Tuesday.  BUT, this being the modern age, anyone who missed it can download the mp3 for their own listening enjoyment right here (we’re show #17).

And for those who want to skip right to the tunes (why anyone would forego our Oscar Wilde-esque repartee we can’t imagine), you can find them on our Reverb Nation page, hyar.

Thanks again to Gotham Radio for indulging us for one crazy, wonderful hour!

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Radio Free BBP

A couple days ago, we mentioned we would be announcing something “a little out of the ordinary and a lot awesome.”  Well…we’d like to give a big shout of thanks to Chris Piccione and the crew of Gotham Radio’s “Neir’s Music Spotlight” program for inviting the band to record a segment for their show yesterday afternoon!

Four of the five BBP joined Chris, our gracious host, at a swank little studio right next to legendary Neir’s Tavern.  (The door to the radio studio actually advertises Ninjutsu training.  I mean, between that and a show focused on promoting local live music, how much more badass can you get?)  We had a great time shooting the breeze about the origins of our band name, some of our favorite artists, and even a possible recipe for Neir’s very own “BBP Burger.”  Oh, and we also played a few acoustic tunes live in the studio!

The show airs this Tuesday, 4/10, at 8p.  You can listen here.  (Caution, sound.)  And see us live at Neir’s this coming Saturday, 4/14, at 9p.  Woot!

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BBP Back To Jersey!

We’re bringing a little slice of Brooklyn into New Jersey tomorrow night and dropping it (cause it’s hot) right on the stage of SuzyQues.

If you can make it to West Orange, NJ, you won’t be disappointed.  Not only is Marlon back in action on lead guitar (playing some hot licks despite still having a couple fingers bandaged up), but SuzyQues is a bona fide BBQ joint!

Saucy blues, saucy ribs.  See you there!


P.S.  We’ll also be announcing something a little out of the ordinary and a lot awesome in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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Charted Territory

We’ve moved up to #14 on the Reverb Nation Local Blues Charts!

Curious about why we jumped from #21 a few weeks ago up to the coveted #14 slot (coveted mostly by the band in #15, we guess), we learned that the ranking system is the result of some fancy pants algorithm-ing on Reverb’s part, which factors in our number of fans, number of song plays, how many people open our e-blast, how well we hold our liquor as a band, etc.  (This last metric is our way of putting a thumb on the scales, actually.  We know it’s not fair.)

Most hilariously, we are also apparently ranked on the worldwide, “all genres” chart at…drum roll, please…28,359th!

We rule!

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Recoupe Lounge, Looking Forward

After posting a litany of complaints about the way we were treated during our gig at Recoupe Lounge back in February, we’re happy to report that we were contacted by someone affiliated with the venue who turned us a compassionate ear.

We’re not sure if this will lead to a second gig at some point in the future, but it’s a conversation we’re now engaged in solely because a decent person reached out.  It’s not often at all in the local music scene that venues will consider a band’s point of view, much less act on it, so we take pleasure in making known to the wider world the fact that Recoupe did just that.  And we also want to thank the person who reached out.

We’re happy to restart the conversation and maybe even get back for a second gig.  Letcha know!

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